I am...

Reading: Starting Blanche on the Lam

Listening to: nothing

Loving: at least I can wear jeans "to work"

Thinking: these are some mighty times we're living in!

Feeling: accomplished--I set up my goals and plans for "distance learning" today and I feel confident that there will be learning taking place

Celebrating: teamwork--today at school everyone was a novice and everyone needed help and everyone gave the help they could give

Grateful for: the wonderful Occupational Therapists at the Lymphedema clinic who squeezed me in for an appointment today because the clinic is closing for at least the next two weeks and they wanted to teach me how to wrap my own bandages--talk about above and beyond!

Weather: currently 22 degrees with a "real feel" of 15

Enjoying: some friends have started sending positivity links and they're quite enjoyable

A quote I want to share:

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The Gal Herself said...

I love the teamwork as you describe it. So supportive, so open.