ten things tuesday

Ten random things:

1) When my cable/phone/internet went out this weekend--I'm getting a refund.

2) I'm kind of digging the Bravo show Spy Games.

3) My OT is trying something different: instead of bandaging my feet, we're trying tubing wrapping instead. I could not be more excited! I should be able to get my feet into shoes!

4) I need to call my insurance company to find out what types of coverage I'll get for the lymphedema compression garments.

5) It's snowing. Again. Just a couple of inches, but... Jeepers this has been a long winter.

6) Vacation begins Friday at... well, I'm not quite sure what time. We might have a shortened day due to the basketball tournament games.

7) OMG--Top Chef All-Stars is starting March 19!

8) I'm totally bummed that my manicurist needs to reschedule my appointment from Saturday to--some other day. Maybe it's not so bad, though, because I have no idea what I want to do.

9) Tomorrow is the Library Board of Trustees meeting. I have not been making them. Shame on me! Although, they have been legit reasons for missing.

10) I got some beautiful yarn. I can't wait to make something wonderful with it. I love yarn.


The Gal Herself said...

Good luck with #4. Good insurance is a beautiful thing.

laixinjie said...

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