saturday 9

Miss Independent

1) The song begins with Kelly describing a woman who is "independent" and "self-sufficient." Are you feeling especially independent and self-sufficient this morning? Or is there a particular task on your to-do list that you wish you had help with? I wish I was handy with car stuff

2) Kelly especially enjoys that this song was a hit, because she had to argue with the record company to even include it on her album. Tell us about a time you're glad fought to get your way. I'm glad I fought to get my way with the re-certification committee at school! They wanted to reject all (well, almost all) of my workshop hours because of a paperwork miscommunication.

3) The video depicts a very lively party that spills from the house to the pool area. What's the last party you attended? Was it held indoors, outdoors, or did the revelers enjoy themselves both inside and outside? It was an indoor dinner party at my friend's house in Portsmouth--we had so much food and fun!

4)The partiers are playing with "silly string." Have you ever indulged in a "silly string" battle? I have, on numerous occasions

5) Kelly Clarkson has a new daytime talk show. Who hosted the last entertainment talk show (as opposed to news) that you watched? I can't remember watching one--in quite a while

6) Kelly Clarkson told a foodie website that one of her favorite foods is sushi (especially California rolls). She said she's surprised how fond she is of it, since as a kid, sushi is a food she wouldn't even try. Tell us about something you had to be convinced to try, or do, that you were surprised to find you enjoyed.
Oh, my gosh, I'm drawing a blank!

7) In 2003, when "Miss Independent" was released, Microsoft and Sony were furiously competing for gamers' attention. Do you own Playstation or Xbox, neither or both? I have not played any games like that since the age of Atari

8) Also in 2003, the best-selling cookbook was The King Arthur Flour Baker's Companion. It features foolproof recipes for old favorites like waffles, pancakes, flat breads and crackers. When you look for a new recipe, are you searching for an easier/better way to make something familiar, or are you more likely looking to try something new? in all honesty, I don't bake/cook anymore. But I do love looking at recipes. So, I guess I dream about what it would be like to try recipes--mostly soups.

9) Random question: Which has gotten you in more trouble -- love or money? money


The Gal Herself said...

#2 -- Good for you for holding your ground!

Lori said...

#2- Glad everything worked out for you!
#7- that is me exactly, but I didn't even play my Atari much. Loved your answers! Have a nice weekend!


CountryDew said...

#2 - way to go!

Atari - boy does that bring back memories.

Diana_CT said...

#1 Cars used to be east to fix but now they are all electronic.
#3 Boy, that must have been a long drive to Portsmouth for a party! It must be something like 4 or 5 hours drive... one way.