January 13, 2020
Choosing Patience

Scorpio Daily Horoscope

You may feel adventurous and inclined to explore possibilities today. Perhaps you are opening yourself up to new ideas. New thoughts or life paths may reveal themselves through conversations with others or in your mind as you process your thoughts. It may serve you to consider each idea carefully today before making any decisions. While there is value in following our impulses, tempering our urges with introspection can ensure that we are making choices that are active rather than reactive. Patience is a valuable virtue that can allow you the freedom to explore all of your options; it is harder to gain that freedom when you act on the first possibility that excites you.

Practicing patience allows us to make the best possible choices. When we take time to make a decision, we have the room to examine our projected course of action from all angles. We aren't influenced by our emotions or the circumstances of the moment and can make decisions with calm detachment. We can then take the time to explore how our lives will shift if we make a particular choice. When relevant information comes to light, we are able to incorporate these new factors into our thought process. Be patient, think things over, and collect information that applies to the choices you may be considering today, and you will make a solid and well-informed decision when you are ready.

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