This Audible Original was a hoot! I hope it becomes a series.

From the publisher:
The epic and high-larious deposition of Tinaca Jones (performed by Parks and Recreation and Good Girls star Retta) as she details the theft of her beloved namesake by fame-seeking missile Kelly Smith and her arduous journey to expose Smith for the impostor she is.

What’s in a name? The name Tinaca, for example, has been passed down in the Jones family for generations of women. In fact, the Joneses name a Tinaca every other generation, to let the name breathe a little. To let each Tinaca shine.

And shine is exactly what Tinaca Jones intends to do. A grocery cashier by day and an empire in the making by night, Tinaca Jones has been busy paying her dues, saving coins, and taking business and marketing classes, readying to launch her lifestyle brand for anyone who wants to live like her - that is, intentionally, and fabulously. But when a basic blonde with an even more basic name (Kelly Smith) approaches her register and peeps her nametag, Tinaca’s plans come crashing down all around her....

The next thing Tinaca knows, this basic b has launched herself into overnight fame with a pathetic, old-as-time, red-carpet stunt, using the stage name Tinaca Jones. But Kelly Smith messed with the wrong woman.

What follows is the real Tinaca Jones’ wild and triumphant account of the battle to reclaim her name by any means necessary.

PLEASE NOTE: This content is not for kids. This audio comedy features adult language (hurled especially at one malicious phony Kelly Smith). Discretion is advised.

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