I am...

Reading: Steamed Open

Listening to: an episode of My Brother, My Brother, and Me

Loving: I had a great weekend in Portland/Portsmouth--the play was awesome and hanging out with my friends was, too!

Thinking: getting organized for the week--juggling appointments and meetings

Feeling: very, very tired (but good tired)

Celebrating: my girlfriends really get me--they know that the inconvenience and uncomfortable side of lymphedema treatment has me a little out of sorts, so when I bought some Crocs (which I truly think are the ugliest shoes on earth--don't come at me) to fit over my bandaged feet they bought me some fun Jibbitz to go on them

Grateful for: insurance

Weather: currently 8 degrees with a "real feel" of -8

Enjoying: I had a manicure after my lymphedema wrapping appointment and I feel pampered

A quote I want to share:


Stacy said...

Oh no! I've got 2 Maine Clambake books to catch up on. I am so hooked on them!

The Gal Herself said...

I just wore my Crocs today. There was snow outside by the dumpster and I was only going to be outside for a few steps -- too wet for tennies and not worth my boots. I wouldn't wear them for a photo shoot, but then, when am I ever in a photo shoot?

Love that quote.