ten things tuesday

Ten random things:

1) It's 4:38 am and I have officially been out of bed for an hour. I was completely exhausted when I went to bed last night but simply cannot sleep.

2) Parent-teacher conferences have been a big nothing this year. I had three hours broken into fifteen-minute increments but just three of those slots were taken. The rest of the time I spent fluffer-dutting around.

3) Today's conference schedule is no better.

4) I did see a couple of my favorite students (brothers who have a tremendous sibling rivalry) with their mom--she posted this on Facebook:
My boys are competitive about everything! Today it was who Ms. [] loves more and who loves her more.

5) I feel the love! And validated!

6) I said NO to doing something that I don't want to do. Without explaining. Without apologizing.

7) I participated in a Zoom meeting and it went well. I'm co-facilitating a book study for social studies teachers and I seem to be the more comfortable facilitator with the technology. Fewer distracting mannerisms and I didn't keep touching my face while talking. We're meeting a different group today--if I have no conferences I'll be able to "attend." It amazes me that a click of a button and I'm connected with multiple people from around the state.

8) I should probably finish reading the books for the book study. I've read half of the books.

9) I took a few knitted projects to school to donate to a "senior raffle basket" and the kids actually went kind of nuts over the variety of hats, patterns, fibers, and objects. The kids seem to think they will be popular items. Since I'm a process knitter, I always have a stash of knitted items around and I gather them up to donate to the homeless shelter or the battered women's project.

10) I really need to finish up my Christmas knitting.


Stacy said...

How awesome was that! Getting that picture and note from the mom. You're a great teacher and it's so nice that your students and parents let you know they know it. :)

The Gal Herself said...

How cool that you're the prize worth "fighting" over! And I really love #9.