ten things tuesday

Ten random things:

1) I tried to schedule service for my car (55,000 miles) and the garage is booked out until the end of the first week of December. Although, with Thanksgiving in there, I'm sure people want time off.

2) Overnight we had freezing rain, snow, and more freezing rain, causing a 2-hour delay of school this morning. The ride was not particularly good nor was it the worst.

3) I challenged one of my classes to a Gratitude Scavenger Hunt! There are 10 prompts and photographic evidence is needed for all ten. They flipped their lids and had a blast with it. I created a Padlet so they could see the real-time editing going on. I can't wait to challenge another class tomorrow!

4) I wrote a letter of recommendation for a former student who is academically and motivationally challenged. I was thinking about it a lot and was able to explain his academic performance in the framework of someone who loves learning about nature in the natural world but the classroom isn't their favorite place. I think it ended up being a good letter.

5) We finally have a plan for Thanksgiving. We're relying on rotisserie chicken from the deli to do our cooking!

6) I will be on Maggie duty Thursday. Dad has a cardiology appointment in southern Maine, so they'll be gone a couple of days. Snuggle time, here I come!

7) My book group is supposed to meet Friday but I'm not so sure--the weather is supposed to be awful (yet again)! Plus, I didn't like the book...

8) I hate winter. But I love heated leather seats. And I love my car starter.

9) My next Stitch Fix will be here on Friday! YIPPEE!!! I requested animal print accessories, so we'll see what I get.

10) I've read a couple of books that are duds lately. Luckily, Audible has an exchange policy! I've had fantastic customer service!

Found at Target!

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The Gal Herself said...

This is an especially solid 10 List. I'm glad you're letting the deli do the cooking -- good for the economy and easier on all of you! The Scavenger List is wonderful.

Best of all, I bet that letter will make a real difference in your student's life.