ten things tuesday

Ten random things:

1) Today is a snow day. The weather is terrible. I do not enjoy winter. Living in Northern Maine, I should just suck it up. But I can whine all I want.

2) I started Christmas shopping in earnest over the weekend.

3) This post is taking a long time to write.

4) I have been texting off and on with my bestie all day--she is way more industrious than I am.

5) I think I will plug in my ceramic tree.

6) And I will have Alexa play Tinsel & Tunes.

7) I've got to sort through my sweater chest to find a red cardigan for tomorrow. It's Fred Rogers Day.

8) Although, I have a gray one that would work. Most of my cardis are open, not button front.

9) Leggings are more comfortable than I thought they would be.

10) Methinks it's time for hot cocoa!


Magical Mystical Mimi said...

You know, I find your blog so interesting and really inspiring to me. I regret not coming here more often. That will change. I love your ten things. Leggings are sooooo comfortable. I live in them as much as I can in the colder months and then, well, summer comes around and I have some cute ones for summer too. :) Summer time I live in capris, tank tops and sundresses. Winter, leggings, hoodies, over-sized sweaters n' leggings.. :) Enjoy!

Stacy said...

Leggings are the best. They have become a wardrobe staple for me. I have dressy ones, casual ones, comfy ones, ones for work, ones for play, and even ones to sleep in.

The Gal Herself said...

I started my Christmas shopping over the weekend, too! I'm pleased with it. My friend Mindy *cannot* handle wrapping paper, so I went to the local stationery store and bought her pretty gift bags in variety of sizes and prints with matching tissue. She'll use it all year long. It's pretty and utilitarian and it's something I could only buy for her, so I'm excited to give it to her.