three on thursday

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Thing one: I had excellent, friendly, and prompt customer service from Audible today.

Thing two: The Gal planted an idea in my head about consignment selling some of my gently worn clothes. Everything is in excellent shape. I don't know where or how, but I'm going to look into it.

Thing three: Lots and lots of compliments on my outfit today--and some Stitch Fix referrals! Yippee!

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The Gal Herself said...

In 2016, I made about $75 on consignment. In 2017, it dipped to $40. Then I stopped doing it because it was easier to drop my stuff at Goodwill (and I'm lazy). But it was fun to get notices when my stuff sold. You can also try Thredup and track your clothes online.

You'll never get rich on it, but it's nice to know where you're nicer pieces go. I remember being so glad that my green trench got picked up immediately. I thought, "Oh, someone must really want that!"