sunday stealing

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More than Tuesday 4

1. Have you ever known anyone that’s been on tv, including you? yes

2. What do you find yourself buying all the time? books and yarn

3. When was the last time you got a real letter in the mail? about two months ago

4. Have you ever lived in a house/apartment that has been broken into? thankfully no

5. Did you walk to school with your friends? Take a school bus? Ever have someone carry your books home from school? I lived close enough that I could walk even though I was far enough that there was a bus--so when I was really little I took the bus

6. Do you like pumpkin seeds? Do you carve the pumpkin and roast the seeds? Do you buy packaged, prepared pumpkin seeds? I do like pumpkin seeds and prefer freshly roasted, I didn't know you could buy prepared pumpkin seeds

7. Does your car or did a family car have a name? no

8. The first week of October was National Mystery Series Week. Do you sleuth alongside Nancy Drew or Miss Marple? Fan of Nero Wolfe? I am a mystery fan--my current obsession is the Louise Penny "Three Pines" series

9. Have you ever spent ages writing something on your computer when it suddenly crashed and you lost it all? yes

10. Are you one of those people who can sleep through anything? no

11. What type or kind of art do you like? And do you draw or paint yourself? I love impressionist art--Monet and Van Gogh

12. If you went to London, where would you go first? I would like to go on the London Eye

13. What is one quote that you love to quote? "It is what it is"

14. Do you ever at times see the world in black and white? yes

15. Do you believe there is life somewhere else in the universe? not really


Lori said...

I love Louise Penny too. Thank you for introducing her to me and so many other books too.
Oh, I say "it is what it is" all of the time. That is another favorite of mine. Loved your answers! Have a nice day!


勝美 said...

The prepared pumpkin seeds must be blanched or boiled at the pumpkin seed factory. Chalky white color. Heavily salted.

Even if my friends and I joined forces, punkin seeds could not be traded for anything higher than a half a Twinkie. Approximately one-eight of a Twinkie apiece so you might not even get any cream filling.

And then you didn't have anything to snack on while playing jumprope at recess.

The Gal Herself said...

I always wanted to take the bus. It seemed like on TV, all the cool socializing happened before school on the bus. Only our neighborhood didn't offer one.

Stacy said...

Uh, oh. Your favorite quote is one my husband says all the time...usually at a time that makes me want to throat punch him. I don't. But I think about it.

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

Those prepared seeds are salted so much you could go it shock. But they are good!

zippiknits...sometimes said...

I see that you buy books AND yarn. Yarn, the great temptress in life, with it's thready voice and gorgeous colors.
You are tempting me to read the Penny Mysteries.
The present world makes me see in bright red. ;o)