saturday 9

(Dear Mr. Gable) You Made Me Love You

1) This version of "You Made Me Love You" is the teenaged Judy Garland's fan letter to Clark Gable. Tell us about one of your teen crushes. Oh, how I adored Sting! I had tons of Police posters on my walls and pins on my denim jacket!

2) Garland sang to this to Gable at a birthday party thrown for him at MGM. Who is the last person you sang "Happy Birthday" to? it's been so long, I don't even remember

3) Thinking of birthdays ... Judy received an engagement ring from the man who would be her first husband, David Rose, for her 18th birthday. Are you wearing a ring, or any jewelry, as you answer these 9 questions? no accessories at all today--odd for me

4) It's said Judy's favorite dish was steak and kidney pie. If you could have anything at all for dinner tonight, what would you choose? pretty much anything I don't have to cook

5) Judy was ambidextrous, writing with her left hand but playing tennis with her right. Are you equally comfortable using your right and left hands? I am terrible at non-dominant hand skills

6) To relax between takes of her most famous movie, The Wizard of Oz, Judy read comics in the newspaper. Do you still read a printed newspaper? no, I don't

7) She could also knit. Judy was known to make blankets and caps for the children of crew members on her films. Do you knit? avidly!

8) In 1938, when this record was popular, the March of Dimes founded. Do you have any dimes in your wallet (or pocket) right now? yes! I have quite a few dimes in my wallet

9) Random question: Catsup puddle next to your fries, or a drizzle of catsup on your fries? definitely a puddle


Lori said...

My answers are about the same as your answers. Ketchup in a puddle is a must for me. Loved your answers! Have a great day!


The Gal Herself said...

How does Maggie react to your knitting? I know my cats would take it as an invitation to play with the yarn. Does Maggie just cuddle up beside you? Or does she try to make knitting a girl/dog endeavor?

Bev Sykes said...

Oh I'm so glad I'm not the only one who no longer reads a newspaper.

Stacy said...

Funny that you wore no jewelry today and I decided to take a risk and wear a statement necklace with my jeans and turtleneck (really out of character for me).

zippiknits...sometimes said...

My paper has to please the decidedly red dot that is San Diego. I just don't like reading it. The lukewarm reaction to yet another whistle blower would, quite frankly, blow your mind.

My Knitterly friend, it's so good to be able to tell you that I can knit again.