october challenge day 4

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My first concert ever was Billy Joel's Innocent Man tour. It was a thrilling experience! I got to miss school, take the Greyhound bus to the opposite end of the state, stay at my sister's dorm, and attend my first ever concert. As life-long Billy Joel fans, my Virginia sister and local sister and I sang along to every song. It was a great concert. His showmanship and the band were outstanding.

Since then, I've also seen Sting, Elvis Costello, Van Morrison, Suzanne Vega, Huey Lewis & The News, The Neville Brothers, Hall & Oates, James Taylor, Wilson Phillips, The Beach Boys, John "Cougar" Mellencamp, Stevie Nicks, Rusted Root, and a few others I've forgotten...

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The Gal Herself said...

Oh, I wish I'd gotten to see Huey Lewis. The News struck me as being an exceptional bar band, and that kind of music can be so much fun.