I am...

Reading: about half-way through Recursion

Listening to: A Sort Of Homecoming by U2

Loving: the cozy sweater I got at Target today

Thinking: about donating clothes I don't wear

Feeling: confused by something a friend said

Celebrating: I enjoyed a road trip with my bestie today

Grateful for: tomorrow's workshop day

Weather: currently 59 degrees and mostly cloudy

Enjoying: being still after driving all day

A quote I want to share:


Stacy said...

Where is that poem from? It sounds very familiar. It is good to wear cozy clothes again.

The Gal Herself said...

Have you considered consignment? I bet some of your pieces are just lovely, and while I don't believe anyone will ever get rich through resale, it might be a fun way to get a little more pocket money.