three on thursday

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Thing One: I'm house and dog sitting for the next week. I know it's a tremendous load of my parents' minds that I'm taking care of "things". I will try not to whine too much.

Thing Two: I am having a great deal of fun with my classes. They are small classes (one has 9!) and it's a better opportunity to get to know them faster. I feel like we're all clicking and fitting well together. I'm hopeful that this will be a great year.

Thing Three: A student that I know by sight only (have no idea what his name is) complimented my outfit today. It was very thoughtfully done. And I appreciated it. I thought it was a cute outfit. 😉

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The Gal Herself said...

I imagined each of these written on a t-shirt worn by a Dr. Seuss character.

You really seem to be grooving on this young school year!