saturday 9


1) This song is from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, starring Gene Wilder. The movie was remade as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, with Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka. Which Wonka did you prefer? the Gene Wilder version

2) In the movie, this song is sung by Bill, the candy store shopkeeper. Think about the last counter person you dealt with. We know that he or she likely didn't break into song, but did you two engage in conversation? no, she completely lacked charisma and personality--didn't even ask if the meal was good

3) The lyrics tell us that The Candy Man can make the world taste good. What's the last thing you ate? Was it delicious, or just OK? I had a delicious meal of pineapple chicken at the local Chinese restaurant

4) The most popular recording of this song was by Sammy Davis, Jr. Sammy was in a horrific car accident when he was 29 years old. His cheek and nose were broken and he lost an eye. That he survived at all left him reflective and after his hospitalization, he converted to Judaism. Do you still worship in the faith you were raised in? no, I don't

5) Sammy was proud of the honorary college degrees he received because never formally attended school. As a child, he performed on the road with his father and uncle. In addition to depriving him of an education, that lifestyle kept him from kids his own age. He would later describe his childhood as, "in a word, 'lonely.'" Give us a one-word description of your childhood. chaotic

6) Because he spent so much of his youth on the road, living on buses, trains and hotel rooms, he loved eventually having his own kitchen and being able to cook his own meals. This weekend, will you spend much time in the kitchen? not even a little time

7) Sammy enjoyed experimenting with clothes and jewelry. What about you? Do you consider yourself conservative in dress or are you fashion forward? I am fashion conscious--I like being well dressed

8) When he died, Sammy was in debt to the IRS. Do you handle your own taxes, or do you use the services of an accountant? I do my own

9) Random question: If you had to tell nothing but the truth (not even the tiniest white lie) for 24 hours, do you think you'd get yourself in trouble? that would be easy for me--no trouble


The Gal Herself said...

#9 -- I'm impressed! Especially since such a big part of your job is giving feedback to young people. You must be very deft.

Anonymous said...

I wish I were fashioned conscious. And pineapple chicken! Yum. - CountryDew

Lori said...

Your dinner sounds wonderful!
I see you are reading Evvie. I liked it a lot. Maybe not the best book I have read, but it did stick with me and I still think about it. I am having a hard time getting into my Mary Kubica book Every Last Lie. I am going to finish it this weekend and move on. I would like to get my hands on another Liane Moriarty book. They are always checked out of the library though.