saturday 9

The Sweet Escape

1) This song begins with, "First of all, let me say I must apologize ..." Who most recently apologized to you? huh... I can't think of anything

2) Gwen Stefani sings that she acted like "sour milk on the floor." Is there milk in your refrigerator right now? What about non-dairy creamer? neither

3) In the video, Gwen wears several different pairs of stiletto heels. What are you wearing on your feet as you answer these questions? my favorite Keds

4) Mrs. Stefani named her daughter "Gwen" after a stewardess in the book/movie Airport. Who was your favorite character in the book you just read, or movie you most recently watched? Inspector Armand Gamache is my literary boyfriend--from the Louise Penny Three Pines series

5) Gwen is a distant cousin of Madonna's. Are there any performers in your family? my family is full of performers! My dad is a professional musician and my sister is a liturgical singer at her parish, another sister sings at her church, too, and one of my nieces is a music education major in college

6) In high school, she joined the swim team not because she enjoys swimming but because she wanted to lose weight. Are you doing anything (dieting, participating in an exercise regimen) in order to shed a few pounds? no

7) Before she became successful, Gwen worked at the makeup counter in a department store. What was the last thing you purchased? Did you buy it online or at a store? I bought it over the phone--I called the nearest store to see if they had a skirt because my size was sold out online--and they ordered it for me from yet another store

8) Gwen has gotten a great deal of publicity for her romance with country star, Blake Shelton. What's your favorite Blake Shelton song? uhm, I don't know any

9) Random question: Which of these compliments would make you the happiest -- to be called fascinating, or brilliant, or gorgeous? fascinating


Stacy said...

Woohoo! Another fascinating woman! :)
I had no idea your dad was a professional musician. How cool!

Diana_CT said...

Ditto what Stacey said!

The Gal Herself said...

You and Armand! If my TBR wasn't so daunting, I'd grab one and see what it is about him that has captured your heart.