I am...

Reading: just starting Evvie Drake Starts Over

Listening to: a spotify playlist I made

Loving: I get to start a new knitting project and a new book

Thinking: I wish I had a cook

Feeling: really worn out

Celebrating: three more days of school this week--a workshop day on Friday

Grateful for: cooling and soothing saline eye drops, for the first time I'm having itchy eye allergies

Weather: currently 60 degrees and mostly cloudy

Enjoying: chatting with my sister

A quote I want to share:


Stacy said...

Oh, a cook would be heavenly. Or at least someone to plan the meals and buy the groceries. I HATE thinking up what to make every day, but don't actually mind the cooking part.

Ha! That meme is funny. Today was actually pretty good, but I'll just keep it in mind for another Monday.

The Gal Herself said...

A cook? I would have bet you to choose a maid. After giving my mess of a home considerable thought, I think I want an admin. If someone handled my mail and bills for me, I'd have less paper around.

CountryDew said...

Hey, I am able to comment if I use a different browser. Weird. I wish I had a cook, too. I tire of fixing dinner. I told my husband I'd go to the assisted living center simply so I wouldn't have to cook. Ha.