I am...

Reading: just about to start Once Upon a River

Listening to: the rain

Loving: I had a great visit with my parents before their big trip

Thinking: making mental lists of what to pack--I'm moving up to my parents' place to dog/house sit for the next week

Feeling: a cross between anxious and annoyed

Celebrating: a bonus day off: Labor Day, and reflecting on my role in the local teacher's union--that I successfully fought for a pay increase after many years of not having one

Grateful for: I'm glad I can take care of my parents' dog and house even though it's inconvenient, I know it is super helpful

Weather: currently 55 degrees and raining

Enjoying: chatting with friends online

A quote I want to share:

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The Gal Herself said...

That's a fulfilling thought for Labor Day. Good for you!