ten things tuesday

Ten random things in random order:

1) Today's workshop was... mostly a big fat waste of time. There was nothing said that couldn't have been emailed.

2) The people around me were totally tuned out--so when something important was said, they would ask me to repeat it. That was annoying.

3) My classroom is prepared for the first day of school tomorrow.

4) I still need to pick out my outfit--and let's hope it doesn't fall apart at the seams as last year's did!

5) After the endlessly long day yesterday (14+ hours) my body hurt. I actually hurt. When did I get old?

6) Five students dropped Advanced Placement US History. Wow. That's a lot! I don't quite know why they were intimidated by the course if they initially signed up for it.

7) It is another really beautiful day--75 degrees and sunny!

8) I should have taken a nap.

9) The Superintendent has offered me some great opportunities for this school year. I'm proud he thinks highly of me.

10) Tomorrow is it! The first day of year 22.

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The Gal Herself said...

I'm waving back at you, Ms. Kwiz!