ten things tuesday

  1. Something I Love
  2. spending summer days reading and knitting
  3. Something I Learned
  4. one of my former students is doing an internship at ESPN and will be shadowing production leads
  5. Something I Accomplished
  6. I began working on some content for the class I'm teaching this year (that I haven't taught in over 10 years)
  7. Something I’m Inspired By
  8. talking to my bestie about school, even though we teach different levels and different districts we encourage each other
  9. Something I’m Looking Forward To
  10. a girlfriend weekend in two weeks
  11. Something I’ve Got Going On
  12. both of my book groups meet this week--I really don't like when they both fall on the same week, but the holiday got us off our typical date for my library book group
  13. Something I’m Listening To
  14. A funny heist book: The Big Kahuna (Fox and O'Hare #6)
  15. Something I Want to Try
  16. I think I want to try a new teaching approach to project-based, thematic teaching--I'm not a lecturer to begin with but I want students to take more ownership
  17. Something I Want
  18. ice cream
  19. Something I’d Like to Accomplish
  20. I'd like to wow at my interview tomorrow--it's a formality to be on a committee at school. I was already asked to be on the committee but I want to show my enthusiasm to work on this project at this interview. I've done some reading and researching and want to take the lead.

1 comment:

The Gal Herself said...

I'm sure you wow 'em. And I think you deserve ice cream.