saturday 9


1) Bonanza ran on NBC for 14 seasons. Today it's rerun on Me-TV and TVLand. Were/are you a fan? I watched it but at the end of it's run

2) The show centers on The Cartwrights, who lived on a massive ranch in Nevada. License plates in Nevada read, "The Silver State." What's on your license plate? Vacationland

3) Ben Cartwright made his fortune as a cattle rancher. What's the last beef dish you ate? Steak Peppercorn from Freshly (let me know if you would like a $40 off code)

4) Patriarch Ben had his eldest son, Adam, with his refined, bookish first wife, Elizabeth. Unfortunately, Elizabeth died in childbirth. Still Adam inherited her love of the written word. What's the last book you finished? The Big Kahuna, part of the Fox & O'Hare heist series--so funny

5) Ben's second son, Hoss, was born to his second wife, Inger, who was killed as the family traveled West by wagon train. Hoss inherited her open, friendly manner and her way with animals. Are there pets in your home?
well-trained dust bunnies

6) Ben's youngest, Joe, arrived after Ben married a third time to the passionate Marie, who died in a riding accident when her son was only five years old. Little Joe inherited her impetuosity. Do you consider yourself more spontaneous or predictable? I think I'm predictable

7) Samuel Clemons was a reporter in Virginia City at the time when the Cartwrights would have been there, and a fictionalized version of Mr. Clemons appeared in an episode of Bonanza. Without looking it up, do you know Samuel Clemons' famous pen name? Mark Twain!

8) Hair was a big deal in the Bonanza dressing room. Three of the original four stars -- Lorne Greene, Pernell Roberts and Dan Blocker -- all wore hairpieces. (The fourth, Michael Landon, began dying his hair while still in his 20s because he was going prematurely gray.) Have you ever worn a wig or a hairpiece? I have never worn either--but because I have baby hair, which is pitifully thin on top, I have considered it

9) Random question -- Tell us the story behind one of your scars. there is a scar in my philtrum from where I fell on my face on a gravel driveway, I had a huge fat lip, the entire left side of my face had "road rash" and I still have a few faint scars, but the one above my lip is most prominent--thankful for wearing glasses or I would have lost an eye


Lori said...

Oh my! Your accident sounds bad. I am glad you had your glasses too! Loved your answers! Have a great weekend!


Stacy said...

I know what you mean about Fox & O'Hare, but I think all of her books are like that these days....good, but not quite the same as they used to be. I'm wondering if it has to do with the people she is writing with. I think her son helped write this one and I read he's been helping run the business for a good while, even doing some writing without credit. He and the others who've helped just don't have quite the same sharp wit. I guess it happens. It did with V.C. Andrews and Vince Flynn.

CountryDew said...

Well-trained dust bunnies! Ha!

Paula said...

I loved your 'well trained dust bunnies'. Now I won't feel so alone cause I have a lot of those too. I watched Bananza as a kid and I thought Adam was the handsomest man ever!!

Me, Myself, and I said...

Bahahahahah, OMG, the dust bunnies thing slayed me. What do you think of Freshly?

The Gal Herself said...

Thank you for introducing me to the word "philtrum."

Diana_CT said...

I had to google philtrum.