ten things tuesday

Ten random things:

1) Had a wonderful visit with Pennsylvania sister and her family. We got choked up saying goodbye to each other.

2) Had a wonderful visit with Virginia sister and her family. I spent a lot of time with my youngest niece and it was so fun to reconnect.

3) My favorite uncle's funeral yesterday was a celebration of his life and it was a happy gathering. I saw cousins I haven't seen in 30+ years.

4) Today was the beginning of the Great End Of School Recovery Program: I stayed lazily in bed until I couldn't stand myself anymore. I went to bed when I felt like it.

5) Next week is the Hugh Jackman show.


7) Two different nights I have fallen asleep sitting up. WTH is up with that?

8) I love the beginning of vacation when I'm trying to figure out the rhythm of my days.

9) Unfortunately, it's supposed to rain tomorrow.

10) I forgot to have dinner and now I'm super hungry.


Stacy said...

This is the first summer in many years that I'm working. I really like my job, but I'm also finding that I really hate working during the summer. I feel like I'm missing out on so much! It would be better, I suppose, if I had all my weekends off instead of only every other one.

The Gal Herself said...

Where are you going to see Hugh? He's so extravagantly talented. I'm jealous!