ten things tuesday

Ten things for June:

1) School is finished in a week.

2) I took a personal day for next Tuesday. I will not have any students (or finals to give) that day, so why not?

3) My Pennsylvania sister and her family are arriving on Sunday.

4) My Virginia sister and her family are arriving on Tuesday.

5) We're going to have a high school graduation party for youngest Virginia niece and a celebration for Dr. Dad's honorary doctoral degree.

6) We're going to celebrate my local sister's birthday--the actual birthday is today but we'll have a family party while everyone's home.

7) At month's end, I'm going to see Hugh Jackman's one-man show in Boston.

8) I have to attend training for a new opportunity at school. Not a new position--no, nothing drastic.

9) I am hoping to reach the half-way mark in my reading challenge.

10) Sleeping without an alarm in the morning is going to be the best feeling ever!

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