three on thursday

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Thing one: I ducked out of school a little early today--my study hall students got shipped out to other study halls (which was basically me cashing in favors). Although I emailed the principal to ask, I didn't receive a reply--so I figured no news is good news and went.

Thing two: My dad and I went to a retirement reception for a family friend at the local university. I'm so glad I went. And a bonus to go with Dr. Daddy.

Thing three: I had planned to go to Riverside Park to hear a local band play but I might be too peopled out. Crowds. Threat of rain.


AsKatKnits said...

Yay for leaving early and party dates with your dad! (and I am so over the rain!)

Bev Sykes said...

Have you seen this?

Paula said...

Good to see you getting out and enjoying life. We just have to escape sometimes!