three on thursday

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Thing one: Modern Mrs. Darcy's Summer Reading Guide is here! I'm so excited for my summer reading! I chose a few for audio and a few for nook books.

Thing two: I was observed today by a teacher from a neighboring school district. Funnily enough, he did his student teaching with me about (gulp) fifteen years ago and we were so in sync that we frequently dressed alike--black pants, white shirts one time, another time was a jeans day and we both wore green sweaters with jeans, and yet another time was khaki pants and denim shirts. It was fun to have him in my classes now that he's a seasoned teacher.

Thing three: The local Walmart has grocery pick up service now. I'm going to try it out, even though I abhor that store. Convenience rules, though. And I had a coupon code to try it.


AsKatKnits said...

Good luck with Walmart - I too dislike them, but sometimes they are a necessity.

Stacy said...

I've had pretty good luck with Walmart's grocery pick-up service. One word of caution, though... Their "professional" shoppers are in a hurry and tend to grab the first item they come to. So, if you want really fresh produce or bread that isn't 1 day from the sell by date, you might not want to order that type of thing. I love that they will also shop for the items you want from housewares, the pharmacy, and somewhat from other departments. Talk about convenient!

The Gal Herself said...

Do your kids behave differently when there's another teacher observing?