ten things tuesday

Ten random things:

1) My bestie and I spent the day together on a quick road trip to Central Maine for some shopping. It was a relaxing, fun day. Not a lot of shopping was done but we had many long conversations and laughs. And a delicious lunch that included mini-lava cakes.

2) I felt like I was playing hooky. I slept in. It was wonderful.

3) I did, however, receive an email from the principal that he needs to see me tomorrow. This could be interesting.

4) My outfit today is incredibly comfortable--I wish I could wear blue jeans to school daily.

5) The weather forecast for tomorrow includes rain and snow. Puhleeze! It's May!

6) I'm having a tough time thinking of a gift for my Dad's birthday Friday. I asked him if he needs or wants anything particular.

7) RIP-Tim Conway. Thank you for all the laughs. You were an amazing comedic talent.

8) I need a haircut.

9) I have taken over an hour to write this post.

10) I have no more things for Tuesday.

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