ten things tuesday

Ten random things:

1) Yesterday one of my sophomore classes was talking about signing up for next year's course schedule and got going about classes they liked and classes they didn't like. I was taken aback when a couple of them said they hated our class. They like me, I'm their favorite teacher, but they HATE the class. I'm sitting with this still, unsure how to shrug it off. I mean, I don't take it personally but it stings. And, one of the most vocal boys is quite entitled--and this made me think about how reality is going to bite him. Anyhow, I don't know how to sit with this.

2) Today after school I met with a former student for coffee and we talked for over an hour--it was so nice to reconnect with her. She moved away about six years ago and has had so many wonderful experiences!

3) Tuesday after vacation is more tiring than Monday. I'm wiped.

4) The Teacher's Association is going to meet to discuss and hopefully ratify the contract tomorrow.

5) I notice my seasonal depression is lifting--I feel so much better than I did even a month ago.

6) It's been so nice to wear brighter colors and lighter clothes.

7) In my first class today--there was a promposal (an elaborate invitation to prom), it was so fun!

8) The pattern I'm knitting right now is challenging and fun--I can't wait to see my finished product!

9) The local university finally announced my dad's Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters Degree! The ceremony will be on May 11!


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The Gal Herself said...

First of all, hurray for Dad!

Secondly, what's up with your vocal students? Were they able to tell you exactly what it was about the class that bothers them?