ten things tuesday

Ten things.

1) We finished contract negotiations. I'm not pleased and excited. I'm satisfied.

2) I did not eat any vegetables today.

3) I am not proud of #2.

4) I finished working on a project--a former student asked me if I would help with some study aids for a major exam she's taking over the content I teach. I put together a binder and highlighted pertinent people and events.

5) I get annoyed when people don't message me back.

6) Like, passive-aggressive annoyed. I want revenge in a passive way.

7) I have a crush on my boss. And I use the term boss loosely.

8) I made some colleagues laugh during a tense meeting and it is the highlight of my day.

9) My AP Psychology students had a blast taking personality tests from an activity I put together to introduce the Personality chapter.

10) How is it only Tuesday?

1 comment:

The Gal Herself said...

I miss having a crush.

How does one seek passive-aggressive revenge?