my big dream

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My biggest dream is to be active and vibrant in my retirement years. I have single digits of years until retirement. And it gives me great pleasure to say that. Don't get me wrong--I LOVE teaching. Love it more now than when I started. But there is so much more I want to do! And doing it on my own time feels right.


  1. I love this. I daydream about retirement all the time, although not in a big "I'm gonna see Europe" kinda way. I want to do housework every day -- not just on weekends. My mom was a stay-at-home mom and she did that (Monday was the kitchen, Tuesday was the bathrooms, etc.). And I want to nap every day. Work out regularly. Have a schedule that's mine, and not dictated by client deliverables or train schedules.

    Oh well. Back to my desk and my 2019 reality.

  2. I can't imagine retiring. I'm a type A person that gets bored easily, and I really like working (most of the time). I don't know what I would do with myself, because other than reading/movies, I'm bereft of "hobbies". I'll be working, like my Dad, until something happens physically to prevent me. We'll see how that goes...

  3. I see now that you may just get that little granny pod plan in action quite soon. You’ve had a wonderful career, and have been a positive force for good for the next generations. I wish my kids had had teachers like you.