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A confection of a book!

From the publisher:
Tim Downer's own life is in chaos, but he's paid for his qualification as a life coach, and he's going to use it. When his new, and only, client tells him she's had a huge windfall, he believes he really could turn his and, of course, her life around. He doesn't suspect that there's more to Debbie than the scruffy, overweight drudge she appears to be. But his ex-wife Erica and daughter Alice instantly spot her dodgy wig and strange accent. Deborah is actually in Shelcombe to investigate life coaching rather than benefit from it, but she quickly finds herself fascinated by the eccentric inhabitants of the little seaside town. Which is just as well, since when the magazine she works for collapses, she's stuck there. And once she meets Tim without her disguise, he gets a few surprising life lessons.

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The Gal Herself said...

It sounds like a lot of fun.