I am...

Reading: reading The Immortalists

Listening to: Paul McCartney--Maybe I'm Amazed

Loving: I cleared out my DVR of shows I don't really prioritize and I'm so glad that's not hanging over me anymore

Thinking: I need to call in a prescription... I hope I don't forget

Feeling: tired, the good tired not the exhausted tired

Celebrating: I started planning backward from final exams--there's not a lot of time left

Grateful for: some creative ideas to take me to the end of the year

Weather: it is 44 degrees and sort of sunny but windy--wow!

Enjoying: being home

A quote I want to share:

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Stacy said...

You must be having the weather we've had recently. It was so windy here on Friday that it smashed the arch over our front walk. Plus there were many trees down in the neighborhood. I heard the NWS was looking into whether it was a micro burst or just straight wind. It was quite that windy over the weekend, but it was still pretty windy.