wordless wednesday


Emily Shorette said...


If you have a minute, I’d really appreciate it if you took a look at Emily’s Virtual Rocket. This is a serious newsblog which has been taken from e-newspapers and e-magazines from around the world, with an emphasis on transgender issues. Also, with his election, I look for articles which critique Donald Trump.

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Emily Shorette

Elise Anderson said...

Kwizgiver - Hope you feel better. I was thinking today that it's the beginning of Lent, yet while I'm a believer, I'm not much for religious habits. Yet I feel like I should do something. I'm a vegetarian, so giving up meat makes me laugh. I could eat fish but I'm a Pescatarian, I do that anyway. So praying I felt Quiet my soul. So your silent picture made me think of that. Quieting myself, silencing the inner noise. A challenge. I thought perhaps you'd appreciate those random thoughts on silence. Tomorrow will be better.