ten things tuesday

Ten things I do during my planning period. In random order:

1) Photocopy. As much as I try to integrate technology, I find the kids ask for paper.

2) Walkabout. Usually a trip to the restroom, but a bit of a walkabout down the halls.

3) Lesson Plan. I try to be a week or so ahead of where I am.

4) Correct. I detest taking student work home, so I spend a lot of time correcting during planning and study hall periods.

5) Laminate. One of the best gadgets I've ever purchased! Why on earth did I wait for 20 years to buy one?

6) Shuffle paper. I try to organize and reorganize the piles on my desk at least daily.

7) Catch up on grading. Part of the paper shuffling that is #6 includes the stray assignments that were turned in after classes. I am pleased to report that I rarely lose student work.

8) Email. I'm pretty on top of incoming emails as I receive them, but outgoing takes me some focus. So I wait until there aren't any students around to compose.

9) Read. Text samples, professional materials, catalogs, whatever is in the piles.

10) Regroup. I will often take 3-5 minutes to use the Calm app.

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The Gal Herself said...

What do you laminate? (Maybe I need one of those gadgets.)