ten things tuesday

Ten random things.

1) I need to get over myself. I went to a recognition dinner but didn't get recognized and it annoyed me. And maybe I don't deserve any recognition. But still, it annoys me. I need to get over myself.

2) I am trying to organize a family sip & paint type of event for this summer's fun. I can imagine my sisters, my parents, and their various kids and grandkids taking part.

3) Last night was my only freebie of the week. Tonight was the VFW dinner, tomorrow is a union meeting after school followed by library book group, Thursday is a union function, and Friday is my school book group.

4) It did not rain today.

5) I got a lot of lesson planning done between school and the VFW dinner.

6) I want to start wearing dresses and skirts and light cardigans. I'm tired of winter clothes. Clunky shoes.

7) Daylight Saving time kicks my butt.

8) I wish I had access to a color printer at school. I resent having to print school materials at home. Plus there's the crinkle factor of hauling stuff back and forth--inevitably something gets crinkled or torn.

9) Laminating the papers I printed tonight will make them last until the end of my career. I lurve my laminator.

10) I laminated a slew of Bitmojis and have made little signs out of them. My students think it's adorkable. This is my current fave:


Paula said...

You look cute with the little unicorn. I can't believe you have to print things at home. And you should have been recognized!! Have a good Wednesday.

The Gal Herself said...

#1 -- You sound very human. As you recently said to me, don't be too hard on yourself.

#7 -- Me, too!