saturday 9

Come Saturday Morning

1) What are your plans for this Saturday morning? I am leaving shortly for a manicure

2) In this song, a man sings of going away for the day with a friend. Where did you go on your last day trip? my bestie and I went on a shopping trip to Central Maine--it was a lot of fun

3) The lyrics say, "we will remember long after Saturday's gone." What's something you've done recently that you predict you'll remember for a long time to come? the boy's basketball team at my high school are playing the state championship game today--this is going down in history

4) This song was the Oscar-nominated theme from the movie The Sterile Cuckoo. What's the first movie song that pops into your head? "Change The World" by Eric Clapton from Phenomenon.

5) In the movie, Liza Minnelli played Mary Ann Adams, an eccentric girl everyone called "Pookie." Have you ever been known by a memorable nickname? Who gave it to you? I have had a shortened version of my first name as a nickname since birth

6) Today's group began their career as The Grads. Recording artist/producer Herb Alpert liked their sound but hated their name. Alpert picked "sandpiper" at random out of the dictionary. Do you still have and use a bound dictionary? Or do you rely on the internet for word searches and spelling? I have dictionaries in every room, although I admit I use the internet far more frequently

7) The biggest news story of 1969, the year this song was popular, was one of the biggest news stories of all time. On July 20, Neil Armstrong stepped foot on the moon. Other than the moon landing, what's the most consequential event that you've seen in your lifetime. How do you feel it changed America, and the world? I would say September 11 was the most far-reaching event in my lifetime--it changed travel and safety

8)1969 was a big year for music festivals, with Atlanta, Toronto and Woodstock all holding famous fests. Have you visited Georgia, Ontario or New York (state)? I have been to NY but not Georgia or Ontario (Toronto is on my bucket list)

9) Random question -- According to some plant enthusiasts, house plants do better when they're spoken to. Do you talk to your plants?
I have the Black Thumb of Death and cannot keep a plant alive regardless of talking to it, playing music to it, or following directions


Diana_CT said...

Great song!
My black thumb is slowly turning green

Lori said...

Congratulations to the basketball team!!!! That is awesome! Enjoy your manicure too. That sounds so relaxing. Loved your answers! Have a nice weekend!


The Gal Herself said...

#3 -- Good for your boys! So exciting.

Jodi said...

A manicure sounds fun! Have a great Saturday!

CountryDew said...

9/11 was indeed a world-changing event.

Stacy said...

A manicure sounds heavenly. Congrats to your boys!

zippiknits...sometimes said...

I love the manicures that you get.
September 11 was just so sad. We were sitting ducks.
The Black thumb of Death! Lol! I should make you some felt cacti.