ten things tuesday

Ten random things:

1) Because of the major wind gusts and wind chill, school was called off today. The whiteout conditions have closed many roads around.

2) I have completely wasted this bonus day. That means I haven't read or knit.

3) So, speaking of wasting the day--I've watched some DVR'd shows and am now watching The Talk on CBS--it's a celebrity-focused version of The View, isn't it? I'm not used to watching daytime TV.

4) Impulsivity got the better of me last night and I ordered yarn to knit myself a sweater.

5) I'm bummed that the walkway hasn't been properly shoveled which interferes with mail delivery. I've been waiting for some packages--my Stitch Fix! It's been two days!

6) It's weird that February is almost over.

7) PSATs are tomorrow. That means my wing of the school is closed off for testing. I'm out of my classroom most of the day. I have to remember to take my Nook with me tomorrow, I'm in the library and because I'm out of my room, I can't use the time to prep.

8) A colleague is going to lead my psychology class in a relaxation meditation on Thursday. Part of our stress unit.

9) This wind is just crazy!

10) It has taken me several hours to work on this post.

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