saturday 9

No. 9 Dream

1) John Lennon liked the number 9. It shows up in three of his songs (in addition to this song, he performed "Revolution #9" and "The One after 909" with the Beatles). He was born on the 9th of October, as was his son Sean. Coincidentally, "No. 9 Dream" hit #9 on the Billboard chart. Do you have a favorite number? 3

2) The phrase repeated in the chorus, "Ah bowakawa pousse pousse" means nothing. It's gibberish that John sang until he could come up with "real" lyrics for this melody. Then he decided he liked the sound of it, so he kept it. Can you think of a word that's fun to say just because you like how it sounds? Yabba-dabba-doo

3) John referred to "No. 9 Dream" as an example of "craftsmanship writing." A snatch of the melody just came to him and he got it down on a tape recorder, wrote lyrics, arranged it and recorded it in short order because he needed another song to finish the LP, Walls and Bridges. What's the last thing that you did because you were supposed to or you had to, and not because you wanted to? folded socks

4) Yet once "No. 9 Dream" was recorded, it became one of John's favorite of his solo songs. He loved its ethereal feel. Tell us about something that turned out better than you thought it would. the book I'm currently reading

5) When he was working, John drank a lot of tea, as many as 30 cups in a day. Do you take your tea with cream, sugar, honey, or lemon? depends on the flavor of tea--usually black with either a little bit of sugar or lemon

6) During his reclusive years (1975 to 1980), John didn't have household help, preferring to take care of his young son and housework himself. He did, however, have a chauffeur on call around the clock. If you could afford to a staff of one, what single thing would you have him/her do? I would have a housekeeper--a jack of all trades (like Alice from The Brady Bunch--she did everything!)

7) When John was a boy, he requested water colors and colored pencils for his birthday and at Christmastime. Do you recall a special birthday or Christmas gift you received as a child? my teddy

8) Beatles producer George Martin said John was "a completely impractical man." Would you describe yourself as impulsive, with flashes of practicality? Or are you practical, with flashes of impulsivity? I am impulsive with flashes of practicality

9) Random question -- Congratulations! You just won the Saturday 9 Sweepstakes, and the prize is your choice of a boat or a motorcycle. Which one do you take? can I trade the motorcycle for a scooter?


Bev Sykes said...

I think "A housekeeper" is cheating, but if it's not, I'll take that too!!

Diana_CT said...

The book that I'm reading is dragging on, I'm about ready to dump it and find another.

The Gal Herself said...

I'm watching McMillan and Wife. They had Mildred, a woman who lived with them and wore a greenish dress that was cut like Alice's blue one. I wish I lived in a sitcom world where everyone has loyal, agreeable live-in help.

Lori said...

It would be so nice to have an "Alice" to just do everything for me. Loved your answers! Have a nice weekend.


Stacy said...

I would take an "Alice" too!

CountryDew said...

An "Alice" is the perfect answer. So is Fred Flinstone's favorite line.