ten things tuesday

Ten rules I have broken:

1) I drive above the speed limit--usually about 5 miles above.

2) I have said "Shut up" at school and meant it.

3) I have passed the pepper and not the salt with it.

4) I have less in my emergency savings than the recommended six months' worth.

5) I have eaten cookie dough--raw!

6) I have listened in on someone else's conversation. Private and otherwise.

7) I have checked my phone during dinner with friends.

8) I wear stripes even though I'm plus-size.

9) I have worn white before Memorial Day and after Labor Day.

10) I have stayed in the movie theater for a 2nd movie at the theater. (It was many many years ago)


Stacy said...

I've done all but #10.

The Gal Herself said...

I didn't know #3 was a thing. I am a serial offender.