ten things tuesday

Ten things about today:

1) I set my Goodreads reading goal at 60: that's do-able for me at just over a book a week.

2) I set my Ravelry knitting goal at 26: that's do-able for me at a project every two weeks.

3) New year, new word: venturesome

willing to take risks or embark on difficult or unusual courses of action.

A venturesome personality is a personality that seeks new experiences rather than following the pack. Intrinsic motivation. A motivation to be creative from within.

4) Because of the snowstorm (which dumped between 8-9 inches of snow), I didn't go outside today.

5) I did FaceTime Pennsylvania sister.

6) And my bestie and I had a long conversation about our One Word choices.

7) I forgot to watch When Harry Met Sally!!!! I always watch it either NY Eve or Day. I can't believe I forgot!

8) Because this has been a really weird New Year. My plans changed due to unforeseen circumstances and I ended up not going anywhere last night--plus the major storm--I did some school related things today to get mentally prepped to head back tomorrow.

9) The wind is howling--it's going to go well below zero tonight. Why do I live in Maine?

10) I need to pick out clothes for tomorrow. I think layers are going to be key. Actual pants--not jeans!


Stacy said...

Venturesome. I like that. I haven't chosen a word yet.
The wind was howling here last night and this morning, but it was much warmer than you...actually unusually warm for us. We woke up to 55 degrees! It has dropped a good bit tonight, though.

Mary said...

LOL about that 9th question ... and having to put on pants today (me, too - it's been a few days!) ... and best wishes for a VENTURESOME 2019!!