saturday 9

I Forgot to Remember to Forget
In honor of Elvis' birthday (January 8.)

1) Elvis sings that he thinks about this girl all the time. What person or topic is on your mind this Saturday? I am trying to reschedule a nail appointment

2) He wants to forget the day he met his girl, but simply can't. Think about someone very important in your life. Did you know right away that they were going to be influential? yes, the minute I laid eyes on him, I knew he was going to be my forever friend

Since this week's song is about memories, let's check on how well you recall events in your own life.

3) What was the first concert you ever attended? it was 1984, Billy Joel's "Innocent Man" tour

4) Where did you get your first piercing? (Not only where on your body, but who did the deed and where did they do it?) it was for my 8th grade graduation (a family tradition), I got my ears pierced at a local pharmacy called LaVerdiere's Super Drug Store

5) What's the name of the bank where you had your first checking account? Northern National Bank--no longer in existence

6) Tell us about your first bicycle. it was a banana seat bike--bright, bright lime green

7) Who received the first text you ever sent? I honestly don't remember

8) What had you been drinking when you suffered your first hangover? gin and lemonade

9) Whose was the first wedding you ever attended? I don't remember it per se, but there are lots of family photos--it was my dad's sister's wedding


Lori said...

Billy Joel must be an amazing concert! How fun! He is so talented. Loved your answers! Have a nice weekend.


The Gal Herself said...

Gin and lemonade? Shudder! Did it taste as lethal as it sounds?

Diana_CT said...

Gin and lemonade sounds like an interesting combination.

CountryDew said...

Billy Joel. I always did like him. One of my favorites was Piano Man.

Stacy said...

Another great concert. We 9'ers have good taste! Your college drink doesn't tempt me at all. I don't like gin. Do you know if you mix it with root beer it tastes like novocaine? LOL

I am Harriet said...

I am glad that I got my nails done on Tuesday and not Saturday as I would have had to reschedule as well thanks to a snow storm. Watching the growth marks can drive someone crazy.