saturday 9

You Make Me Feel Brand New

1) As 2019 kicks off, what are your hopes for the brand new year? I hope to continue making progress on my financial issues

2) Just because an item isn't brand new doesn't mean it isn't valuable. Have you scored any fabulous finds at a second hand store or website? I have

3) This song is sung by The Stylistics, a group from Philadelphia. Have you ever been to Philly? a long, long time ago (more than 30 years ago) I was there for a few days

4) This song was co-written by Thom Bell, a Philadelphia-based musician/producer who was born in Kingston, Jamaica. The average daily temp in Kingston in January is 87ยบ. Do you have plans to get away this winter and go somewhere warm? I don't but I should! I hate winter in Maine.

5) The Stylistics took their choreography very seriously. As you can see from the video, they even carefully synchronized their hand movements. Do you use your hands much when you talk? when I'm talking to students, yes, otherwise--not so much

6) The lyrics tell us that the singer is grateful for a friend who will walk with him along a path that "sometimes bends." Looking back on 2018, tell us about a time that life's path took a bend you didn't quite expect. oh brother--the last week of the year had some expensive vehicle issues... sigh

7) In 1974, when this song was popular, Chicago's Sears Tower opened and was for years the world's tallest building. Its elevators can carry you to the 103rd floor in approximately a minute. When were you last on an elevator? within the past three weeks, at school, I was lugging in a load of supplies plus a case of water

8) Also in 1974, the 55 mph speed limit was imposed nationwide. When you drive, are you careful to stay within the speed limit? Or do you have a led foot? I tend to go a little faster than the posted limit

9) Random question -- It's time to pose for your Saturday 9 yearbook picture. Will you show us your right profile, your left profile, or will you look directly into the camera? it will be up to the photographer and how they want to deal with my glasses


The Gal Herself said...

You answered #9 like someone with memorable experience with glasses and photographers.

CountryDew said...

Your answer to #9 made me laugh. I always have trouble taking people's pictures, even though I did it a thousand times for the newspaper. Some tips - step out three paces from the wall, don't get against the wall. Don't look into the sun, because you squint; if the photographer wants you to do that tell him you'd rather be in the shade and have the person use a flash. As for the glasses, side angles work best for those but if they have a little tint it doesn't really matter!

Stacy said...

Ah, the cruelty of being an islander at heart but stuck living winters out in Maine. Here's hoping we can all escape to warmer temperatures one day.

Lori said...

Well, yes...we have financial issues we need to deal with too. I hope we can get somewhere with that this year too and you too. I am so sorry about your car!
Thank-you for your words about Josh and the medication. This is just going to take some time and I just want him to be ok. Loved your answers! Have a nice weekend.


I am Harriet said...

I can relate to that glasses thing. I always get the funny stuff on the far edges of my lenses.