sunday stealing

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1. Are flowers a nice gift to give someone? it depends on the occasion

2. Do you wear any jewelry? today I am not, but generally, I accessorize my outfits

3. Have you ever laid in a field of flowers? yes

4. Do you like tea? yes--my favorite is Constant Comment

5. What would you do with a million dollars? start a charitable trust

6. What word do you have trouble saying? No

7. Favorite fairytale? I used to love Sleeping Beauty

8. Do you sleep with stuffed animals? no

9. Do you prefer the city or the country?
country--but I would like it to be closer to a city than I am now

10. Are you a big fan of makeup?

11. Favorite drink?
iced coffee from Dunkin'

12. What’s the longest amount of time you’ve stayed awake? I can only remember traveling for 36 hours or so

13. Have you ever traveled outside of your country? several times

14. Do you like spring? sure

15. Lipstick or lipgloss? neither--I'm more of a lip balm fan

16. Favorite color? brown

17. Do you like to decorate? no

18. Do you ever go barefoot when you’re outside? well... I go without socks when I can but usually have on sandals of some sort

19. Are aliens real? It's no fun being an illegal alien...

20. Does you zodiac sign fit your personality? yes

21.Favorite sea animal?

22. Are you a nice person? yes

23. Favorite word? giggle

24. Night or day? it depends--am I on vacation? Is there school tomorrow?

25. What would make you happy right now? someone cooking for me


Lori said...

I am a lip balm person too! I am that person that thinks their lips are always chapped.
I hope you are enjoying your break! Loved your answers! Happy New Year!


The Gal Herself said...

We are both sensitive enough to appreciate manatees. Good for us!

I don't know anyone who wears lipstick/gloss on a regular basis.

CountryDew said...

How did you manage to stay away for 36 hours?!?