saturday 9

Call Me

1) Chris Montez sings that you can always call him, regardless of the hour. Do you believe that it's ever too late to phone someone? I would really need to be in a crisis to call someone after 9 pm

2) He insists that you can depend on him, even when your friends desert you. Who is someone you can trust to have your back, no matter what? my sisters and my bestie

3) Billy Crystal serenades Meg Ryan -- via answering machine -- with "Call Me" in When Harry Met Sally. Answering machines have been replaced by voice mail. Who most recently left you a voice mail? my eye doctor's office to let me know my glasses were ready

4) Chris Montez is a graduate of El Camino College in Torrance, California. The average daytime temperature in November in Torrance is 70ยบ. How is the weather where you are today? it's 28 degrees outside today--and cloudy

5) Today Chris actively promotes a healthy lifestyle to children. He was honored for his efforts by the group SOPA (Stop Obesity, Promote Activity). Do you believe you get enough exercise? no believing about it, I do not get any exercise

6) Released in late 1965, "Call Me" became a big hit in 1966, reaching #2 on the charts. Even though it sold millions of copies and was certified as a Gold Record, it never hit #1. Is winning, or being the best, important to you? no

7) In 1966, when this was playing on juke boxes, kids were watching Batman and Star Trek. If you had your choice of watching an episode right now, which would you choose: Star Trek or Batman? well... I don't know, both are entertaining

8) Also in 1966, celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay was born. Do you enjoy cooking? no but yes: I don't cook for just me but I enjoy cooking for my family

9) Random question -- You have the opportunity to perform in the circus! Would you rather be shot from a cannon, or put your head in the lion's mouth? I would totally stick my head in the lion's mouth


The Gal Herself said...

Since I posted mine, For Eyes called and my new glasses are in. YEA!

You're this morning's most enthusiastic lion tamer.

Stacy said...

I need to get to the eye doctor. My grandson headbutted me in the face when we were goofing around a couple of weeks back and broke my glasses. I'm wearing an old pair and boy, is my distance vision blurred! My vision insurance finally went into effect so now I can find out who accepts it.

Lori said...

I would totally put my head in a lion's mouth also. I figure they are trained.
This has nothing to do with the Batman tv show, but our Christmas parade for our town was today and Batman was in it...so crazy! I wish I would have gotten a picture! Hahahahaha Loved your answers! Have a nice weekend.


I am Harriet said...

I can't even imagine how nasty a lions mouth must me. There are a few people who would be good candidates to stick their head in there however, in my opinion.

CountryDew said...

It is hard enough cooking for two, let alone one. I'm home alone a lot because of my husband's 24-hour work shift; I don't know what I'd do without sandwiches and ready-made dinners.