reclaiming whimsy

December 15, 2018
Reclaiming Whimsy

Scorpio Daily Horoscope

A whimsical and frolicsome mood can inspire you to engage in playful pursuits today. However, the joy you feel while making the most of your leisure time may be undercut by a twinge of anxiety that seems unrelated to your current circumstances. Self-examination will likely lead you to the conclusion that there are issues from your past interfering with your ability to connect with your inner child. Once you address these today, your ability to bask in the wonder of worldly bliss and to enjoy play will likely return. You may be pleased to discover that you can still take pleasure in all of your latent youthfulness and mischievousness.

Before we can fully regain the youthful fervor that once allowed us to experience unadulterated wonderment, we need to be sure that there are no unaddressed issues from our childhood or young adulthood lingering in our subconscious minds. Many of the more traumatic events that defined our early period of development can sap our ability to experience pure joy. When we address these directly using a course of reflection and affirmations, we come to realize that the ability to experience awe and whimsy were never entirely lost to us. Reconnecting with our inner children is merely a matter of making an effort to experience and savor as much beauty and as much playfulness as we possible can. You will develop a renewed connection to your inner child that is stronger than ever today when you divest yourself of unnecessary emotional baggage.

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