three on thursday

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Three fun things from today:

1) I downloaded the new John Legend Legendary Christmas and Pentatonix Christmas Is Here albums. I'm resisting playing them now!

2) My grades are done for the first quarter. A few days early, even!

3) One of my students has a very green thumb and wants to be a botanist--so I asked him how to care for the cactus cutting I was given. It's possible I won't kill it!


Kym said...

It must feel great to have your grades done early! (Bravo.) I like Christmas music, too -- but I usually hold off until December. :-)

PS - It was easy to leave a comment on your blog today! :-)

Jane said...

Congratulations on getting those grades finished up. As a former teacher, I know all about that paperwork business and procrastination. I hope the plant thrives.

The Gal Herself said...

Good for you on the grades! And for adding to your Christmas collection.