ten things tuesday

Ten random things:

1) I am a chapter in on the new Louise Penny book and I'm thrilled to be back in Three Pines! I have both audio and ebook.

2) My Christmas decoration is in place. This little beauty was a Target find. And it makes me happier than any tree should.

3) We were released at noon again today because of the snowstorm--except it stopped snowing; it's changing over to mixed precipitation. And everything is going to glaze over and freeze and it's going to be the iciest world imaginable. I hate winter.

4) One of my Cyber Monday purchases is a class from Craftsy about Continental Knitting. I'm fascinated by the speed of it. I'm not used to holding yarn for tension, though, so it's going to be weird weird. (not just regular weird)

5) I *think* I might be done holiday shopping! Now it's a waiting game for things to arrive so I can package them up and ship them off!

6) Are leggings with a tunic too casual? I can't decide if it's too casual to wear to school. And I promise the tunic is long.

7) I rearranged the ceramic tree, it's in my sightline now. Much better.

8) When my Virginia sister was here, I introduced her to knitting. She's rabid about it but lacks patience. She wants to try complex patterns and gets quite wound up when her skill set doesn't match the project. But it's fun to teach her how to knit.

9) I like this Christmas To Do List...

10) I think I need a nap.


Stacy said...

I like that Christmas list, too! And I think leggings and a tunic are fine for school. That's the type of wardrobe I've built for work and I know plenty of others wear the combo for work in a business casual atmosphere.

The Gal Herself said...

I'm with Stacy: wear the tunic.

I just saw one of those little retro trees at CVS and just spotting it on the shelf made me happy. By all means, keep it within your sightline!

You and Gamache! Should Clooney be jealous?