ten things tuesday

Ten things:

1) Last night I had 17 parent-teacher conferences in 3 hours.

2) This afternoon I had 4 conferences in 3 hours.

3) I am very happy to be on vacation.

4) We have record-breaking amounts of snow for November. More than 20 inches.

5) I hate winter.

6) I am almost finished Christmas shopping.

7) Speaking of Christmas, Carole introduced me to Tinsel & Tunes!

8) I had a very nice visit with a former student yesterday. He visited for about 45 minutes we got caught up on college.

9) I'm going to finish Glass Houses just in time for the new book to come out next week.

10) I have a bunch of Christmas knitting to finish. I hope I can finish!

1 comment:

The Gal Herself said...

How long should a conference be to be useful? 10 minutes hardly seems like enough time. (But then, I'm a barren spinster, so what do I know?)

Thank you for Tinsel and Tunes! I can listen from my desk at work, and it will lift my mood.