ten things tuesday

Ten random things.

It took longer than usual for me to vote today. I had to wait for a booth to open and then I had to wait to process my ballot! I've never taken so long! It was so worth it.

2) I've got a janky nail. The polish bubbled, so I peeled it, then the nail broke. I feel so... so... basic.

3) I actually spent time during my planning period reading for pleasure. On the Nook app on my phone. I didn't feel guilty, either.

4) The SRO was a guest speaker in my AP Psychology class today. He talked about consciousness and the law, texting and driving (how the brain cannot handle both types functions at once), did the field sobriety test on a couple of volunteers, and generally answered all the kids' questions. I was so excited to have him in. It was intimidating to have him with his taser and gun and his full uniform that includes his vest.

5) My landlord was showing the vacant apartment to a potential new neighbor. Le sigh.

6) I did some Christmas shopping in earnest today. Online. Ho ho ho!

7) I'm so far behind on all my TV shows (A Million Little Things, This Is Us, the Rookie) that I'm tempted to delete them and not watch them at all.

8) I think I'm going to try knitting a blanket for my youngest niece for Christmas.

9) This explains why I'm always whining about being tired...

10) Hmmm... I forgot to call the garage to see if they have my tires. I'd like to get that done this week.

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The Gal Herself said...

Having that nail problem would make me crazy. I wish it was acceptable to take sick days over nails like that, or zits that go white on top, and all other manner of unsavory things that leave us feeling uncomfortable.

You know, if your life was a rom-com, your new neighbor would have a handsome cousin who comes to visit and reveals himself to be the love of your life. Just sayin'.