saturday 9

Sweet City Woman

1) The lyrics tell us the singer is on his way to catch a train and he really wants to be on time. When is the last time you were late for something? I really can't remember, I am seldom late

2) He sings he's on his way to meet a woman known for her macaroons. What's your favorite cookie? I like a soft chocolate chip cookie

3) His girlfriend's face is so pretty she lights up the city night. How many lights are in the room you're in? How many are switched on? there are two lights and neither is on

4) This is the rare top 40 tune that prominently features a banjo. Sam has always been crazy about the sound of a banjo. What sound makes you smile? (It doesn't have to be a musical instrument. Think bacon sizzling, church bells, etc.) I LOVE the sound of velcro

5) 47 years after their record was a hit, The Stampeders still tour every summer, playing festivals across the US and their native Canada. Do you enjoy live music under the stars? Or would you prefer to be seated in a theater? it depends on the artist--some shows are intimate and need a theater (like Elvis Costello) and others are fantastic under the stars (like Sting or James Taylor)

6) In 1971, when this song was popular on the radio, detective shows were popular on TV. Mannix, Ironside and Cannon were all in the Top 20. Who is your favorite TV detective? I loved the Rockford Files

7) Also in 1971, the Post Office Department was disbanded as a Cabinet department and became The United States Postal Service. When did you last go to the post office? Were you mailing something? Buying stamps? Picking up a package? Renewing your passport? I was dropping off a package that was a return

8) Race car legend Jeff Gordon was born in 1971. Do you watch NASCAR? I do not, I have nothing against it I've just never seen it

9) Random question -- Do you have a vaccination scar? If so, where is it? it is on my left shoulder


  1. Jim Rockford (James Garner) did such a great exasperated, didn't he?

  2. OMG...I love your favorite sound - velcro. I had quite the chuckle at that one. I totally forgot The Rockford Files - James Garner was the best. I do have a bone to pick with you... George Clooney is MINE!!

  3. Now that you mention it, I kind of like to hear velcro, too. I just never thought about it.
    I'm becoming a Rockford Files fan now, too, because he's on after Columbo on Saturday nights.

  4. Oh The Rockford Files!!! Yes!!!! I loved that show.
    Velcro...is that a teacher thing? Teachers love velcro. I loved your answers! Have a great weekend!


  5. I love the Rockford Files but saw them on Netflix. Loved that CAR!
    You may have George Clooney, but James Garner is MINE!
    Have a great weekend, and glad you got that flu shot.

  6. Now Velcro is a totally unique and creative answer. You go, KG!

  7. You are so right about music under the stars.